Consulting Services

Our services include:

Talent Management
LaunchForth provides customized workforce planning, talent acquisition, onboarding, performance management, goal setting, talent review, succession planning, processes, best practices and system configuration that are based on company culture and the overall talent strategy.

Leadership Development
Our skilled consultants will work with you to develop authentic leadership and elicit a meaningful transformation using either off the shelf solutions or customized programs that mirror your overall leadership culture.

We provide one-on-one coahing and group coaching to executives, middle managers, employees and high potentials to raise their awareness level and sharpen their focus so that they can now think at a higher level. 

Team Building
LaunchForth delivers tailored organizational development programs fashioned to raise team spirit, maximize performance and ensure long-term effectiveness.

Soft Skills Fundamentals
We will bring in the foundational programs which are customized to fit with the company culture, existing materials, resources, budget and a host of other variables based on your priorities.

Business Process Improvement
Our consultants are Six Sigma certified. We utilize industry proven methodology in order to streamline business processes, reduce waste, improve productivity, make fact-based decisions, utilize current assets and resources wisely, and to provide clarity to roles and responsibilities within the immediate team and with cross-functional groups.

SAP Training Strategy
We offer customizable programs designed to impart the necessary skills for systems, manufacturing processes and safety training that address the skills-and-knowledge gap needs. We collaborate closely with Subject Matter Experts to assess the audience needs, design a training plan, develop customized educational materials, determine delivery methods, and create a sustainable knowledge management system to improve the user’s experience and also to ease the transition to the new or updated ERP system.


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