Learning Services

Our services include:

Project Management
We approach each project methodically from inception to completion in order to deliver high quality products, on-time and within budget. We partner with our client's Key Stakeholders to align learning needs with company business goals, and determine project scope, training strategy, budgets, resources, roles and responsibilities, timelines and deliverables. Finally, we close out each project by ensuring that all "i"s are dotted and all "t"s are crossed.

Instructional Design
We utilize Adult Learning Principles to strategically assess, design, develop, and implement solutions that answer the key questions in the learning world. We also evaluate the solutions throughout the entire process. Our Learning Consultants have successfully partnered with many Subject Matter Experts to work on a broad range of complex contents in a variety of areas.

Training Delivery
LaunchForth Learning Consultants are experts at partnering with our clients to determine the most appropriate training platforms and developing learning materials that maximize the effectiveness in a variety of environments and budget levels in order to achieve the biggest bang for your buck. Standard training platforms include: Instructor-led-training (ILT), Virtual ILT, eLearning, Blended-Learning, mLearning and Social Learning.

Our team has extensive experience in delivering soft skills and technical skills training. We are familiar with both classroom and virtual classroom training. We will train your Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) on how to conduct training sessions effectively using various training techniques to deliver both soft skills training and technical training.

Group Meeting Facilitation
Our experienced consultants are highly skilled in facilitating effective meeting sessions to: Strategize plans, reach agreements, and establish actionable items for path forward Promote open communication, collaboration, knowledge sharing and team building Establish new processes & procedures, and clarify new roles & responsibilities.


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